Survival Times Information

Article Submission and Suggestion Guidelines:

  1. On Topic: professional written articles related to the categories and subject matters of survival.
  2. Timeless: News, current events, politics, recent disasters, are updated on our sister site, Survival Times is a repository of knowledge which is meant to be timeless, and valuable for the future.
  3. Based on Facts: Survival Times is not a collection of conspiracy posts, or a place where you can find amateur reporters. Posts selected for inclusion are based on facts and practical knowledge by authors we view have done their research in verifying their sources, facts and resources.
  4. Includes Media: A picture is worth a thousand words. Media and images which describe or give examples of how to, give the reader a better understanding of doing it yourself. Good well documents articles include relative media.
  5. Structured: The article must be well written and understandable by the average reader, teaching important aspects of the subject matter, to increase the skill and knowledge base of the reader.
  6. Active External Sourced: We do not have “Guest Posts”  on Survival Times, articles most be from an external source such as a personal blog, website, education institute, or like manner.

– STI Staff