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Earthquake Preparedness Checklist Can Save Your Life

Checklist for Earthquake Crisis Preparation

The year 2011 was a defining moment for how future residents of this Fukushima region would live their lives. Could they be able to sleep peacefully at night ever again knowing that anything could happen between the time they slept and the time they awake?

The actual fear for the majority of those residents is the chance that they could never wake up again.

The same is true for the people in Mexico, Baguio in the Philippines, Indonesia, San Francisco and other nations which were victimized by unusually strong earthquakes. The majority of these individuals were caught completely off guard and oblivious and this made the disaster much worse.

San Franciscans know that, someday, their city will fall into the Pacific Ocean. But why do they continue to stay in a town, though beautiful, is a tragedy waiting to happen?

Because they suffer from precisely the exact same problem most people have: The idea that “It won’t happen to me”.

The majority of the people living in earthquake-prone regions like to live each day with the idea that they might survive if absolutely needed. But what makes them distinct from nearly all the people living somewhat safer lives in somewhat safer places is the fact that they’re fully aware that a catastrophe may strike them anytime and they’re more emotionally prepared for it. These people made sure their government has given them earthquake-safe buildings to reside in.

That’s good.

The majority of the high rise establishments were constructed with a powerful earthquake in mind.

By way of example

Jason, a tech specialist lives in the Bay Marina area that’s the very earthquake-prone area in town. While he accepts that he’s taking a big risk residing in that region, he takes no chances and always stores a few gallons of water nearby.He’s also prepared earthquake packs and emergency kits containing first aid medicines in addition to food packs which can be eaten right out of the package.

In addition, he has additional flashlights, batteries and other thing-a-magics certain to make any ordinary person flip out. He also understands that the most important thing to remember during an earthquake is to duck and eliminate anything heavy that may fall on him.

But what about those of us who live near the New Madrid fault line? We’re completely unprepared for anything that could happen there, but it’s at least as big a risk as the San Andreas fault line.

For even us, you will find earthquake emergency ideas that can benefit any who could have to deal with an earthquake situation at any moment.

Our Prepping Tips For Quakes

When confronted with an earthquake circumstance, it’s always better to seek refuge under tables which could protect someone from heavy objects which are falling from everywhere.

When this is not practical, you should immediately go out and move into an open area to prevent the danger of falling trees, high rises or electricity cables.

Those that are caught driving when an earthquake happens would be better off if they remain inside their vehicle.

When inside a grocery store or a mall, ensure that the man is away from heavy shelves and other items.

When within a theater or a sports arena and an earthquake happens, never run for safety in the exact same direction as the hundreds of people doing the same. Duck under the chair and wait until everything clears up.

A great deal of people get hurt or even die not due to the earthquake itself but due to fear and failure to prepare for this emergency.

It’s always beneficial to have a crisis earthquake program even if earthquakes aren’t common in the region. Survival will always depend on how ready a man or woman is for emergencies.

Individuals who haven’t prepared for the worse case scenario are the people who have the inclination to panic. And typically, those who fear and lose their presence of mind become the first victims of a crisis.

earthquake prep

Stay Alive: Earthquake Emergency Preparation Tips

Earthquakes are among the most devastating natural disasters.

Why it is even more problematic is because there’s not a precise means of predicting when an earthquake might occur, or how powerful it might be.

So the very best tactic to reduce the effects of earthquakes in your life would be to create decent earthquake emergency prep gear.

During an earthquake, you’ll feel the floor shaking and rolling. If the motion is truly violent, you may even be thrown about. This may make even the heartiest soul panic and jeopardize their odds of survival.

While powerful and catastrophic earthquakes seldom happen, even in areas where they are common, it’s very important that you have an emergency plan to ensure you and your family can remain relatively safe if needed.

Here is a preparation list to keep handy to get you ready for an earthquake.

Practice Makes Better Security

The key to being safe during an earthquake is usually a quick, accurate response. Once the ground starts to shake violently, you need to know what to do as if by instinct.

To have the ability to respond fast though, you need to regularly conduct earthquake drills. This will keep you on your toes when the real thing comes.

Plan Your Safe House Structure

If you’re living in a place that has frequent minor earthquakes, you must plan your home so that it won’t become a trap. Use proper materials and braces for your home and create ample exit methods to run through during crises.

Collapsing home and building materials commonly cause deaths and injuries during earthquakes so to prevent this, you must be certain that your house structure and appliances are properly braced if they are heavy enough to crush someone.

Ensure also that your location has industrial strength door-frames, as mathematically, these areas are the most likely area that can withstand earthquakes.

Fasten tall and thick fixtures into the wall and make certain that your cabinets have locking latches so that whatever they contain won’t fall out during an earthquake.

Plan For Everyone To Be Knowledgeable

Everyone in your home should know the emergency plan for an earthquake. Be certain that everybody knows the procedures to execute whenever a significant shaker happens.

Coordination is an important survival aspect, especially after the earthquake.

Know Your Places and Have an Evacuation Plan

You and your family need to create an emergency plan for all disasters, such as fire, floods, and earthquakes. Each member of the family should know what to do in the event of a catastrophe.

Panic and confusion can often cause additional accidents. Here are the things you ought to do during an earthquake:

  • First thing you and your family should do would be to steer clear of objects which may fall. Steer clear of bookcases, cabinets, and hanging items, like chandeliers in the ceiling or ceiling fan.
  • During an earthquake, it’s wiser that you stay put, especially under sturdy tables or door frames. Don’t run around or even try to escape the house. There are far more dangerous things out of your home that could injure you, like lampposts and cars.
  • Make certain that the emergency kit which you prepared is readily accessible. If possible, put it in a place where you and your loved ones will encounter during a quake.
  • Stay away from the kitchen. Among the most dangerous areas in the home during an earthquake is the kitchen since there are lots of pots and pans hanging around and drawers filled with knives and cutlery. Furthermore, there’s a threat of a gas leak in the kitchen which may cause a fire, and heavy appliances and cabinetry that could crush you.

Understanding where to run and hide for cover during an earthquake may save your life and limbs. Learn the safe areas of your office or home. And practice running to these secure spots so that you can quickly react during a real earthquake.

Additionally, plan a meeting place for your household where you all can collect yourselves up following an earthquake.

Delegate Responsibilities

Assign duties that everyone needs to perform during emergencies. Earthquake preparation shouldn’t be a one-person responsibility. Your relatives should also know what to do, particularly if they’re unfamiliar with dangerous acts during an earthquake.

Have Emergency Kits On Standby

You need to have lots of emergency kits prepared at work or at home. These kits should have the bare essentials which may help preserve your safety during crises. From drinking water, food, to first aid materials, your emergency kits are your lifelines. Be certain that everybody understands where these emergency kits are retained.

You won’t ever know what is going to happen after a quake, therefore, you must always have an emergency kit for everybody in your household. Each kit should contain at least one gallon of water, food supply for at least three times (you need to select non-perishable food), and first aid kit. You need to make sure that you regularly change the food and water in your emergency kit. The food and water in your kit will be of little use if they’re already not fit to drink or eat.

Rather than saving your life, a poorly maintained kit may even worsen your own situation.

Know the cutoffs for the main lines of your utilities

Earthquake might make a fire from gas escapes and power. Thus, it’s important that you know where the main switches of your utilities are so which you can turn them off when required.

Inspect your home for cracks and fissures

You need to regularly check the state of your house to make certain that it can withstand even a powerful earthquake. Make certain to have the cracks in your walls, chimney and even door frames repaired. If you reside in an apartment, report cracks and fissures to your landlord immediately, so that they can do something about the circumstance.

Things to do after the earthquake

Don’t try to light a match or a candle right after the quake; you cannot be positive that there are no gas leaks. Lighting up a candle might ignite a burst of flame, so be very careful. If it’s possible, shut off the main gas valve if you smell gas. If you suspect a gas leak, open the windows and evacuate your home immediately. You also need to call the gas company as soon as you’re away from the gas flow. Do not attempt to call, particularly using your cellular phone, near gas escapes.

There will surely be aftershocks following an earthquake, so don’t let your guard down even if your home is intact and all of the members of your family are well. Make certain to check the news for information about the quake and other critical updates.

Those Are the Tips on What You Need to Do During Earthquake Emergencies

Scientists haven’t yet actually determined a way to forecast an earthquake. That’s the reason a great deal of people suffer when a powerful earthquake strikes. The only thing we can do, if we happen to be living in a place near fault lines, is to prepare routinely for such an event. Hopefully this article has given you sufficient information to properly prepare yourself for an emergency.