Civil Unrest Preparation Plan For Your Family Protection

Dirty Bombs Should Be Feared, But Dwindling Resources Are More Dangerous

Each nation seems to have somehow screwed up by allowing portions of their nuclear arsenal to be dismantled little by little, with pieces of the puzzle frittered here and there.  Of course, these pieces are clearly, slowly, being reassembled to help some terrorist “make a statement”.

Definitely, people all over the world should be worried about dirty bombs.  These factions don’t play by international rules.  Also, governments are likely to encourage the terror which will surely be used to grab even more civil liberties from their constituents.  If you are really forward thinking, though, you know that the real problem is civil strife when resources dry up.  Wake up people! You must always be prepared for something just brewing around the corner.

The probability of a civil war erupting in pretty much any state is a far more present risk which ought to be looked into by each person concerned about the safety of their community.

Take Africa As A Current Example

Some countries, such as Africa, have become numbed to strife over limited resources (including civil wars) that they don’t even try to anticipate when it is likely to happen again, they just accept that it is inevitable. War has displaced more than twenty five million Africans, most of whom live in evacuation camps, with nary a decent roof to shield even the kids.

Like any other war, internal strife can be deadly and can affect the majority of the population, particularly children, who cannot fend for themselves.

The tragedy resulting from each Civil War is that the opportunity for it to spread to peaceful areas is so encompassing.

civil unrest

Take this fact: Around Four million Sudan residents displaced, over two million lives lost; more than 70 million people in Ethiopia continually hungry; and let’s also include the countless people suffering in Somalia and Ethiopia.

This is the face of war over limited resources and, frankly, at our current rate of world consumption of goods, each person has to prepare for this eventuality.

How Do You Get Around This?

Every family should have an emergency plan regardless of what kind of emergency that could arise. You should not rely on your governments.  Unfortunately, governments continue to show that people who are victims will also endure separation, death and suffering in government-designated evacuation camps.

Families should consider taking survival courses which may include self defense lessons in addition to gun firing lessons. Gun practice can be a family affair although, clearly, children should be cautioned against the power and dangers of guns in normal peaceful circumstances.

Everyone Gets A Survival Kit

A family would be better off preparing an emergency first aid kit that ought to include the basic medicine for ordinary ailments and simple hooks for crappie fishing. However, a family should from special illnesses like diabetes or asthma and include the simple lie saving and maintenance medicines in the safety kit.

People who reside in places that are susceptible to civil war and other emergencies should also pack a bug-out kit that should contain sturdy shoes for household members, maps, all-purpose survival knife plus a Swiss Army Knife for finer tool needs, canned goods, and basic toiletries like soap.

Take every major thing you need but take only the basic essentials because if (or when) a civil war erupts, there could be a chance that the household would be displaced and may be compelled to endure for weeks or even months out in the open escaping violence.

Preparing for the eventuality of a civil war is not the same as courting danger or wishing for it to happen. Rather, it is making sure that your family household increases its survival chances when such events happen.

It’s always better to be prepared for any emergency and be grateful if it doesn’t happen in any way. Then who cares if the family has spent hundreds or perhaps even thousands for the emergency kit. At least you’ll be able to sleep better knowing you are prepared.

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