Top Most Important Supplies for Urban Survival

Top Most Important Supplies for Urban Survival 

You have probably seen a lot of survival shows portraying plane crashes, wilderness survival, mountain climbing gone wrong, and so much more. However, for most of you, you have to gear up to survive at home, office, or school in case a natural disaster or an emergency situation strikes. 

Survival supplies for urban emergency preparedness should include several key areas such as the following:


If you can stay in your home, office, or school, you already have a definite shelter. But, if you have been forced to move, improvising your shelter is a must. It is wise to have a space blanket, tarp, or sleeping bag added to your survival applies if ever your new shelter is not that nice. The main goal here is to stay dry, warm, and safe from the elements. You must also have a way in how to start a fire essential for light, heat, and cooking. Your survival supplies must also include lighters and matches. 


A natural disaster or emergency could last for days, weeks, or even months, depending on the specific situation. Many organizations suggest preparing and storing water and food that can last at least 72 hours in your house, school, office, or in grab and go bags. 

With the horrific aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes, it will also be a wise idea to keep a minimum of one month to as much as 12 month food storage as part of survival supplies. Try to store food that doesn’t need refrigeration combined with canned goods and frozen or dehydrated dried food. Choose foods that all family members will and can eat like canned meats, vegetables, fruits, dry cereal, protein bars, dried fruit, peanut butter, powdered milk, crackers, beans, and any specific special needs. 


Every person will need a gallon of water a day for sanitation and drinking. It is difficult to store sufficient water that will last for more than two weeks for each person. For this, it would be helpful to invest in a good water filter. You can also keep some plain bleach handy or a few chemical treatment pills for other water purifying methods. You can store water in some clean food-grade plastic containers that you can rotate after every six months or so. 

First Aid

It would be great to have some basic training or knowledge on how to provide first aid to help keep yourself and others safe. There are numerous kinds of first aid kits perfect for portable use as well as for keeping in your house, place of business, or school. You have to decide on the first aid kits that should be added to your survival supplies. You will need adhesive bandages, sterile dressings, cleanser or alcohol pads, and other similar supplies. 

Communication and Light 

Urban survival supplies must also include several forms of communication and light. Prepare a combination of several types like oil lamps, candles, matches, lighters, phone charger, extra batteries, survival whistle, flashlight, and radio. 

Survival is possible in urban areas as long as you know what to do and what you need to make it through the worst scenarios. 

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