The NSA Inserts Spy Software on Computers.

President Barack Obama has reformed the industry intelligence and clarify several things about them on Friday also also talk that way operates the NSA which planto software that will be used to spy on computers that are abroad, and l The New York Times made a report about the NSA (National Security Agency) and has said that this agency implemented software on approximately 100,000 computers around the world, which will serve as a kind of virtual highway and thus be able to spy on the movements of the users of these computers and in this way the NSA sees it necessary will be able to perform cyber attacks in case of detecting any threat.

The computer networks are the main objective of the NSA to which this agency wishes to have direct access, and this is not all that this spyware will allow since it has a technology that will allow the agency to enter a computer without the need of that this has an internet connection, this was participated by the New York Times on Tuesday, I also cite a few documents of Edward Snowden a former employee of that agency and also referred to several IT professionals including some government officials.
The radiofrequency is the technology that as has been adapted to modernity was decided to use it for this project that according to the NY Times is being used since 2008, the tools used for this technology mainly are USB cards that are secretly installed or inserted in the computers of the whole world, or not of the most difficult problems to solve has already been solved thanks to the radiofrequency what the intelligence agencies appreciate, what were the inconveniences? Well, the access to computers that American partners and some adversaries wanted to be inaccessible and impenetrable by security and intelligence agencies.
The USB card must be physically installed by some unwitting user, a hired spy and can also be a manufacturer, this is the way to do it in most cases, said the NY Times newspaper,Quantum is the name by which this spy program was named, which targets one of the countries that Washington indicated at some point to attack cybernetically its own Armed Forces and we refer to China, also one of the software’s objectives are industrial, the newspaper in its publication, Mexico is one of the countries where it is possible to insert this program that works with radiofrequencies because the systems used by the police of the mentioned country could be monitored, in addition it is implanted in trade institutions in the European Union , in many cartels that are wanted by drug trafficking  including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia India, evidence that this system is used in the United States is not available, this is indicated by the NY Times, and it is not known if radiofrequencies have been used in this way.
All that the NSA agency is doing is to obtain relevant information from the users to whom the intelligence agency has valid objectives, that is, all these methodologies go against and only against these mentioned objectives, this was timely clarified by a NSA spokesperson, As indicated above, the reforms that have been made to the intelligence sector will be clarified by President Barack Obama and will talk about how the NSA works and all these declarations will be made with the sole purpose that citizens obtain greater Confidence that your privacy is respected and you feel calmer.

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